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Research Development

  RRHED’s is a non-profit organization based in Delhi with the mission to empower the research development and the women and girls of India guarantee their rights and increase understanding of social issues from a gender Prespective.

  RRHED’S focus on following :
  • Evaluation and learning
  • Civil society policy and development
  • Organizational and capacity development
  • Civil society sustainability
  • Programme Strategy and Design

    Ours is a Charitable, Non-Profit & Research Organization Registered Under the Andhrapradesh Societies Act of 1860 Bearing Number 603 registered in the Year 2003 Founded by Shri. Pulipati Kennaedy
    we have distributed the Nutrition food Frm Britannia Company in Laila Effected areas of Guntur and Prakasam , Nellore Districts of Andhrapradesh.
    Distribution of Tarpaulins and Sleeping Mats in Flood effected areras of Guntur and Kurnool District of Andhrapradesh.
    Distribution of Cloths to Orphans and old Age Community.
    Conduct a Medical Camps in Different Villages of Guntur and Prakasam Districts of Andhrapradesh
    Providing quality of education, Awareness and health and Financial care in the spirit of the society, especially the poor, the disadvantaged and the disenfranchised irrespective of caste and creed.
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